Parent Testimonies

"The best thing about Hope Lutheran School is the personal attention teachers give to the needs of each child. Hope Lutheran School has helped our family by providing personalized Christian care for each family member." - Dr. Lanny H. Fisk, PhD

I like that everyone is included, no one is left out. Also, the older children take the time to help the younger children. The teachers are a good influence with their own life in showing their walk with God. Also, because the school is small, problems don’t get out of hand. Thank you God for this school.” - Michelle Songer

Students are able to excel academically due to the low student to teacher ratio (11:1), and the daily instruction of Christianity not only creates a safe and comfortable learning environment but it also teaches the children about God and his free gift of eternal life in heaven. The school extra-curriculars (field trips, inter-school competitions, plays, performances, etc) allow for family participation both on campus as well as off and this allows families to be very involved in the education of the student in their family.” - Tom Bolla

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