K-2nd Grade - Miss Heckmann

Primary Grades - Learning to Love School

Students in the primary grades come excited and ready to learn.  In the primary grades, children build a solid foundation from which to grow.  Parent’s work with Miss Heckmann to help their children grow mentally, spiritually and physically.  


Classroom Expectations

Be respectful

Speak and leave desk when given permission
Be prepared and participate
Follow all directions the first time
Give glory to God in all you do


    Unique Features of This Classroom:

    • Songs and chants to help reinforce learning
    • Hands-on learning
    • Individualized attention
    • Enthusiastic and engaging lessons 
    • Learning Centers that enforce what is being taught in the various subject areas

    Miss Heckmann says...

    “Everyday I get to see the joy on their faces as they discover new talents and abilities and learn how they are a redeemed child of God who is freely forgiven.”