6th-8th Grade - Mrs. Sullivan/Mrs. Heyn

Upper Grades - Independent Learners

The 6th-8th grades are a time where students continue learning to transition from the middle grades to the upper grades. Some students still need help from parents and teachers to be independent in their learning and to be responsible for their work and actions. As in Mr. Pfarr's 3rd-5th grade classroom, we continue to help our students with organization, communication, and accountability.


Classroom Expectations
We expect our students to follow two rules:
Be Respectfull and Be Responsible.
Respect: Students must show respect, first and foremost to God. When this is done, everything else will follow--respect for teachers, respect for other students, respect for property, and respect for themselves.
Responsible: Exhibit the qualities for being reliable, trustworthy, and accountable (e.g. Be prepared for all classes. This includes bringing materials needed prior to class and having all assignments completed neatly and on time.) Choose to act responsibly and worthy of trust. If the student chooses to behave inappropriately, he/she must take responsibility for his/her actions.


    Special Features of This Classroom:
    • Multiple Teachers - with a variety of teachers (two classroom teachers, pastor, elective class teachers) students learn how to learn from different teaching styles.
    • Integrated Technology - Nearly a 1-1 laptop to student ratio, the upper graders often create presentations and reports using a variety of applications.
    • Life-Long Sports Focus - P.E. classes focus on activities which promote a healthy lifestyle. Some of these activities include bowling, a volleyball tournament, disc golf, Pilates, and badminton.
    • Tone Chimes Choir - In addition to vocal music, the 5th-8th graders learn to play tone chimes and perform in church services and in various community events.
    • In addition to a variety of writing activities, students learn the process of writing research papers and completing research projects.
    • Besides the core academic classes, students also attend special classes of cooking sewing, woodworking, finance, and computers/technology.
    • Science courses cover life sciences, physical sciences, earth sciences, and simple chemistry. Learning is enhanced by many hands-on experiments.
    • Social Studies classes consist of learning about ancient civilizations and the American experience through various activities and the use of technology.
    Mrs. Sullivan/Mrs Heyn  say...
    "The middle school years can be challenging years for many students. We know this from our experience with our own children. Both of us have had the privilege of teaching our own children here at Hope Lutheran School (now Academy). We feel very blessed to be able to help our students navigate through these transitional years and prepare for their high school experience with a Christ-centered education here at Hope."
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