3rd-5th Grade - Mr. Pfarr

Middle Grades - Growing Together in Grace

The intermediate grades (3-5) pose great challenges for students as they learn to accept more responsibility, and work toward gaining independence.  These grade levels provide great opportunities for discovery and active learning.  Here at Hope, out intermediate grade room serves as a training ground for responsibility and independence.  It is a privilege for Mr. Pfarr to work along parents to help each and every student succeed.


We are a TEAM!
TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More
Each student has an opportunity to serve the Lord as a part of Mr. Pfarr's classroom. Respect for each other and for our God takes the primary focus in this learning environment.  "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God!"  This is the motto by which we work and play.  We have a responsibility to work together and build each other up in the name of Christ.  Each child plays an important part on our TEAM.

    Special Features of This Classroom:
    • Christ is at the Center of all we do!
    • 1-1 Chromebook to Student Ratio - Students each use their own assigned computer to create, communicate, and collaborate.
    • Mad Minute - Everyone needs to know those Math facts!
    • Daily Independent Reading and Writing - In addition to core instruction, time is set aside reading and writing so students learn to read and write for pleasure.
    • Get Active! - In P.E. students learn positions, rules, and strategy to many team and individual sports.  We also incorporate movement throughout the day to encourage healthy lifestyles and study habits.
    • Handwriting- In a world engulfed by technology, we still believe mastery of handwriting is important.  Students develop cursive handwriting skills in 3rd and 4th grade.
    • Fine Art Studies - Students explore a wide range of topics including the history of art, music theory and theater.
    Mr. Pfarr says...
    "I don't consider what I do to be a job,  I believe it is an opportunity.  Every single day, I GET to come to school and share the joy of Christ with my students.  It tell them every day that I am happy to see them.  I say that because I truly am happy to be with them.  If I had to describe how I feel about teaching at HLA in one word, the word would be 'grateful.'"