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Tuition - Great Value!

How is the Christian education provided at Hope Lutheran Academy funded?

The operating budget of Hope Lutheran Academy is primarily funded in two ways - support from Hope Lutheran Church and tuition paid by students' families. 

What is the value of the Christian education provided at Hope Lutheran Academy?

Spiritually speaking...

The Christian education our students receive is priceless. Each and every day our students have the opportunity to grow in their understanding of God's love for them as it is expressed in the forgiveness of sins won on the cross by Jesus Christ. God's love is woven into every aspect of our curriculum. Through this Christian education, students are prepared for life as Christ's disciples on earth and eternal life in heaven.

Financially speaking...

The annual total cost of educating one child at Hope Lutheran Academy is $6,315 per student. This includes compensation of staff, the purchasing of all school-related supplies, utilities, and facilities. Financially, you are making an investment in your child’s future.

How does Hope Lutheran Church financially support this Christian education?

The tuition rates outlined below demonstrate the importance that Hope Lutheran Church places on Christian education. Our church is very committed to Christian education and therefore provides a substantial amount of scholarship for each student enrolled. This scholarship increases for subsequent children in an effort to make tuition more affordable for our families with multiple children in our school.

What are the current tuition rates?


Calculating the cost of tuition:

$6,315 (actual cost per child) - Hope's scholarship = actual tuition paid by families. A Great Value!

Grades 1-8: 
  • First Child: $6,915 minus $1,865 (Hope's scholarship) = $5,050 
  • Second Child: $6,915 minus $2,365 (Hope's scholarship) = $4,550 
  • Third Child: $6,915 minus $2,665 (Hope's scholarship) = $4,250 
  • $6,915 minus $6,915 (Hope’s scholarship) = $0 FREE for 2014-2015

What else do I need to know about tuition?

Three tuition payment plans are available - payment in full on registration day in August, twelve equal monthly payments beginning June 1, and ten equal monthly payments beginning August 1. 

Payment in full in August or recurring electronic bank transfers (ACH) will result in approximately a 3% discount (see tuition schedule from the school office).

In addition to tuition, there are annual registration, activity, and consumable supply fees for each student. If these fees are paid for the upcoming school year by May 31, the total is $260 per student. If paid after June 1, it is $310 per student.

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes, if the family has a sincere financial need, they can request from the principal a link for FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment. FACTS is a professional, 3rd party company that collects financial information from the family and then makes an objective recommendation to the school board as to what the family should be able to afford. The School Board of Education then considers this recommendation at its next monthly meeting, and they contact the family regarding the award.