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How to Enroll

Hope Lutheran School's admissions process is designed to ensure that families understand our program of Christian education well and are comfortable with how our school can serve them. Successful completion of this process indicates that our school is a good fit for the family and that a solid foundation for a successful partnership has been laid. The admissions process is outlined as follows:

  1. Families interested in our school usually begin by requesting an information packet. This can be done by calling the office or Requesting One Online. Much of the same information can be obtained by thoroughly reviewing our website.

  2. Families often make contact with our principal to discuss any questions they have and to set up a campus tour.

  3. Having read the Parent Handbook, a family begins the enrollment process by reading the Enrollment Policy and submitting an Application for Admission.

  4. Upon receiving the application, the principal contacts the family to set up a visit. Please bring any recent report cards and test scores. This visit gives the principal the opportunity to discuss key aspects of our school's program of Christian education in greater depth and get to know the family. This visit gives the family the opportunity to make sure our school meets their needs and can serve them well. The pastor and the student’s teacher are also introduced to discuss their role in the school.

  5. After the visit, if the family desires to proceed with enrollment, the principal presents the application to the School Board of Education which formally approves or rejects the application. In nearly all cases, successful completion of this admissions process results in acceptance of the application.

  6. (Optional) If the family has a sincere financial need, they can request from the principal a link for FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment. FACTS is a professional, 3rd party company that collects financial information from the family and then makes an objective recommendation to the school board as to what the family should be able to afford. The School Board of Education then considers this recommendation at its next monthly meeting, and they contact the family regarding the award.